NAD Board Welcomes Individuals Who Seek to Make a Difference

NAD Board Welcomes Individuals Who Seek to Make a Difference

A News Release from the National Association of the Deaf Release Date: July 18, 2006

For Immediate Release
Anita B. Farb
Director, Outreach and Communications
National Association of the Deaf
Email: [email protected]

NAD Board Welcomes Individuals Who Seek to Make a Difference

Silver Spring, MD — The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Board of Directors announces that it is now moving forward with its new agenda and strategy development for the next two years and beyond.

NAD President Bobbie Beth Scoggins said, “We welcome the applications of interested and enthusiastic persons who are committed to making a difference through active participation in NAD committee and strategic team efforts. These groups will focus on 2006 NAD Conference priorities and resolutions, as well as NAD Board-identified strategic priorities.”

The NAD Board has five standing committees, each of which will have subcommittees, as follows: Development, Finance, Governance, Membership, and Public Policy. The Board is also establishing two strategic teams to address issues of long-term importance and those involving the NAD infrastructure, as follows: Diversity and Vision 2020.

Volunteer committee appointments will consider demographics — including, but not limited to: membership, experience, gender, ethnicity, and geographical location.

This summer, the NAD Board will formulate its working structure with profiles for 2006-2008 committees and strategic teams, with goals, outcomes and quarterly reporting expectations for each. At its September 11-12, 2006 meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, the NAD Board of Directors will review and finalize approval of chair and member appointments for committees, subcommittees, and strategic teams.

For more information on NAD standing committee and strategic team efforts and to complete an application form for consideration, please visit


About the NAD
The National Association of the Deaf (NAD), founded in 1880, safeguards the civil rights of deaf and hard of hearing Americans. As a national federation of individual members, state associations, organizational and corporate affiliates, the advocacy work of the NAD encompasses a broad spectrum of areas including, but not limited to, accessibility, education, employment, healthcare, mental health, rehabilitation, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. The NAD website ( has a wealth of advocacy information and resources.

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