After 16 Years, “Herb Larson…OFF-HAND” Returns to Television

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After 16 Years, “Herb Larson…OFF-HAND” Returns to Television

Reno, NV [September 12, 2006] – “OFF-HAND”, which won seven Emmy awards for its original broadcasts on The Silent Network during the 1980s, is now returning to television. The show features award-winning educator and personality Herb Larson, who is known throughout the country as “The Deaf Johnny Carson.” Accompanied by co-host actor/ sign language interpreter Bill Pugin, Larson interviews some of the fascinating people in the country, ranging from politicians to performers.

“OFF-HAND” was originally produced by The Silent Network in association with Los Angeles KHJ-TV Channel 9. Featuring Larson and the late actor/sign language Lou Fant, “OFF-HAND” aired twice weekly from Sept. 23, 1981 until Dec. 4, 1989, with over 500 guests in 385 episodes. The program also won seven Los Angeles-area Emmy Awards from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The first episode will air on Sept. 27 on KNPB Public Broadcasting in Reno, Nev. at 10:30 p.m. Pacific time. “It’s our hopes that this show will be picked up by other stations and eventually go national,” Sheldon I. Altfeld said. “The only way this can happen, though, is if people write to their local stations and request this show.”

Altfeld, a four-time Emmy-winning executive producer who founded and was the CEO of The Silent Network, is returning with the show, as are executive producer David H. Pierce and producer Temma Keatan-Hammond. “We have a lot of returning personnel to the show, which in itself carries a wealth of experience,” says Altfeld, “but we’re also full of new energy, new ideas and new goals. It’ll be a fantastic journey this time around.”

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