Research Project in Need of Participants will pay $10/hour

Research Project in Need of Participants will pay $10/hour

-Deaf Children and Adults needed-

Adults and children who were born deaf, or became deaf before the age of three, who are currently between the ages of three and fifty are needed to help with this project. These individuals need have a severe to profound hearing loss since before they were three years old and use sign language as their primary language.

Participation in the study entails recording the evoked potential (brain wave) response to visual stimuli. A 64-channel recording is made using an electrode cap (kind of like a stocking cap). The time required for adults participating in this study is about two and one-half to three hours, for children the time is about one and one-half hours. Participants must have at least 20/40 corrected vision (with glasses or contacts). Participants in this study will be compensated for their time and effort in the amount of $10 per hour.

This study, titled “Development of Cross-Modal Plasticity in Prelingually Deaf Children”, examines the competition in the brain between the auditory and visual system in children who are born deaf or become deaf before the age of three. The study is taking place at The University of Texas at Dallas, Callier Center for Communication Disorders, Advanced Hearing Research Center at 1966 Inwood Drive in Dallas. Sessions are scheduled Monday through Saturday.

If you have any questions, or are interested in participating, please contact Kristi Buckley at [email protected]

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