An ASL Interpreted Performance of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

Illuminations Arts And The Alley Theatre


An ASL Interpreted Performance of

Much Ado About Nothing
Directed by Scott Schwartz

One of Shakespeare’s freshest comedies, Much Ado About Nothing is a lively showdown between the sexes. Beatrice, independent and forthright, and Benedick, a self-confessed “woman-hater,” pass the time constantly goading and scorning each other. When they are thrown together to defend a friend’s honor, their true feelings begin to emerge.

October 7th, 2006
2:30 P.M.

Tickets are $25 for Illuminations Arts’ patrons! A savings of $18!

For tickets: 713-529-6910 (Voice), 713-529-6909(TTY/VP) or [email protected]

Seats are limited. Reserve your tickets now!

An Experience Beyond Language!

Illuminations…Theatre with the Deaf was founded in 1984 by a small, dedicated group of theatre enthusiasts, and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1993. Today we are Illuminations Arts, an incorporated, non-profit organization striving to make performing arts opportunities available for deaf/hard of hearing and hearing performers and audiences. Since its inception, Illuminations Arts has teamed with several Houston area theatres including Alley Theatre, A.D. Players, U of H Children’s Theatre Festival, InterActive Theatre, Express Children’s Theatre and many more to provide accessibility to performances through theatrical interpreting. Theatrical interpreting not only makes performances accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences but also adds another visual dimension to the performances for all audience members.

Illuminations Arts strives to bridge the gap between the deaf/hard of hearing and hearing communities through artistic activities. By offering independent programs as well as collaborative projects with other organizations, Illuminations Arts provides an artistic and cultural experience beyond language. Performers and audiences have the opportunity to encounter the performing arts in a dramatic new form, regardless of their ability to hear or sign. Collaborations with many of Houston’s outstanding arts organizations including the Alley Theatre, TUTS, U of H Children’s Theatre Festival, A. D. Players and InterActive Theatre Company provide deaf and hard of hearing children and adults access to the theatrical arts through interpreted and shadowed performances.

For more information regarding Illuminations Arts please visit us at Or contact us at [email protected], 713-529-6909 (VP/TTY) or 713-529-6910 (Voice/Fax).

Illuminations Arts is a participant in the Houston Arts Alliance Arts Incubator Program and receives support from the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.

Illuminations Arts is funded by Brown Foundation, Inc., Gordon & Mary Cain Foundation, Hubert E. Clift Foundation, Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts, George & Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation, William E. and Natoma Pyle Harvey Charitable Trust, Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation, Houston Endowment Inc, Liatis Foundation, The Simmons Foundation, and Texas Commission on the Arts


Elisabeth Graven, Executive Director
Illuminations Arts
3201 Allen Parkway, Ste. 150
Houston , Texas 77019
713-529-6910 (Voice/Fax)
713-529-6909 (TTY/VP)
[email protected]

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