Highlight Event for the Poker Players and Fans – DFW


October will be the third month of this year’s poker competition…



Entry Fee: Member-$20.00 and non-member-$23.00

Dallas Association of the Deaf (DAD)
4215 Maple Ave. — Dallas, Texas

Door opens at 12 noon.
Sign-up at 2:30 p.m.
Explanation of rules and seating assignments.

The competition begins at 4 p.m. sharp.

Hearing individual who can communicate in sign language, is welcome to participate in the Deaf poker tournament.

Come to sign up for this classic competition and you will have a chance to go home as a winner.

The number of participants will be limited to 80.

SPECIAL ATTENTION: The players who are University of Texas and Oklahoma University lovers will be encouraged to wear the red and orange shirts. Any player who wears the best outfit will be awarded with a georgous prize. The football game on TV will be viewed while playing cards.

Those players who have earned their points in the first two-month competitions will continue to add the points each month you have entered until the end of June, 2007. At the closing of the regular monthly competition, the first 8 top players who make the most points will enter the real classic poker tournament in July, 2007 to determine the North Texas Deaf Poker Championship.

Last September 2nd tournament was enormous successful with 48 players and a good capacity of fans. It was a real challenge to everyone who competed in this tournament. DAD elite group applauded the poker committee who arranged this tournament a well-done.

Isn’t that interested for two deaf ladies who grabbed first and second places by knocking Tim Sisley, a deaf male, down to 3rd place. Sharon Howell edged Yen Kenny out for the first place. Overall, both Howell and Kenny move up to number one and second on the players’ standing. Any player on the standing can be changed each month, depending on who makes the most points.

The other winners were Joey Calvano (4th), Attila Gaal (5th), Sonja Cooksey (6th), Jesse Layman (7th), and Bart Edward (8th).

The Players’ Standing in order are:

1. Sharon Howell..12 pts.
2. Yen Kenny…….12 ”
3. Tommy Le……..12 ”
4. Jody Dunn……..11 ”
5. Andy Adams…. 9 ”
6. Tim Sisley…….. 9 ”
7. Joey Calvano……..7 ”
8. Nathan Faver… …5 ”
9. Edward Bart………5 ”
10. Sonja Cooksey….5 ”
11. Attila Gaal……. …5 ”
12. Jack Rosenthal….5 ”

The other 82 players have earned 4 points down to 1 points in effectively.

Member-$2.00 and non-member-$3.00 (no children allowed)

Happy Hours: from 12 noon to 4 p.m. and in the evening from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Foods and drinks will be sold. The menu will be announced soon.

For the information about the Texas Hold ’em competition, see or contact: Stanley Green ([email protected]), Jody Dunn ([email protected]), Attila Gaal, Tommy Smith, and Kent Reneau ([email protected]).

DAD’s TTY or V-P: 214-238-0380

Be sure to mark your calendar October 7, 2006.

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