SWBAD Regional Basketball Tournament – DFW

John T. Scott
SWBAD Commissioner
13718 Pine Circle North
Conroe, Texas 77304
E MAIL: SWBADComm2009@aim.com
AIM SCREEN NAME: JohnnyIrish08

February 17, 2009


Re: 2009 Updating Information

As SWBAD Commissioner John T. Scott, This is an official announcement that there will be five (5) women’s and nine (9) men’s team participating in the SWBAD Regional Basketball Tournament.

Our SWBAD Regional Basketball Tournament will be held in Dallas, Texas on March 13 – 14, 2009.
The 2009 host organization is the Southwest Basketball Association of the Deaf (SWBAD).
After SWBAD finish the basketball tourney and go to Dallas Association of the Deaf (DAD Club) on 4215 Maple Ave, Dallas, Texas 75219, it’s called SWBAD after Party at 8 PM to 2 PM.
You can check website to see www.swbad.org for more details.

I am providing a list the issues we discussed for your information, they are:

1) Seeding Results for women’s and men’s team.
2) Game Schedule and Bracket for women / men team.
3) The case of Memphis, TN (Bidding 2009)(Cancel)
4) The case of Houston, TX (Bidding 2010)(Cancel move to Dallas)
5) The case of Dallas, TX (Hosted by SWBAD 2009)
6) The case of USA Deaf Basketball (USADB)
7) The case of National Deaf Basketball Org. (NDBO)(dues to various reasons)
8) The case of SWBAD Regional Teams)(dues to various reasons)

Seeding Results are:

For Women’s Teams

The first two seeding women are Mississippi (#1) and Lady Houston (#2). The three teams of Austin, Dallas and Irving Lady Eagles will be drawn during the basketball business meeting.

Let’s all know its FIRST five women from SWBAD regional basketball tournament this year 2009, SWBAD has been 5 teams before in 1994, but 4 from SWBAD and 1 from MAAD therefore MAAD Championship at Houston, Texas.

Let’s SWBAD keep growing women teams and still continue 16 Annual Regional Basketball Tournament.

For Men’s Teams

#1) Austin Deaf Toros
#2) Mississippi
#3) DFW Texasboyz
#4) Houston All-Stars

The five teams to be drawn are: East Memphis, San Antonio RTA, Southern New Orleans, Texaz Blasterz and Tulsa Hawks during the basketball business meeting.

All games will be played at 330 PM in the evening on Friday, March 14, Also, the doors at the gymnasium of Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center in Dallas will be open 8 AM.

Thank you for cooperate

Email: JTS8187@aol.com

Download flyer: (PDF format)

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  1. Mike McGinley
    September 23, 2010 at 2:35 PM


    I just had a lady walk (could understand me but could not talk) into my office with a well worn orange sheet of paper requesting donations for a tournamnet in Houston in August 2010 (past) and March (2011). The form even had three celebrity names typed in with contribition of around

    No contact information on the form or way I could validate information. I told her I would need to check. Is this request valid? If so, I would suggest some accrediation information and other contact numbers.

    If you send me further information perhaps I will contibute. Thanks.

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