Calling ASL Students for D/HH/B Advocacy – DFW


DATE: June 23, 2009

TIME: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

900 SE. Green Oaks
Arlington, Tx 76018

Advocacy is volunteer basis only.

If you know ASL and can communicate with the Deaf/Blind/HOH please
consider attending this meeting in being an advocate for the
Deaf/Blind/HOH in your area. No certification or license to
communicate is necessary; just a willing heart and desire to be a
bridge for positive change between the Deaf and Hearing Communities.
Criminal Background checks will be done in compliance to any laws or
rules. If you are doing nothing with the ASL you learned, it’s time to
pick up those hands and make them beneficial for those around you in
your neighborhoods and you will be learning as well. You should know
the gift you have is desperately in need. Advocacy is about
encouraging others to excel, to do better, to rise above the
impossible and see that all things are possible. While you are
encouraging, you will be encouraged. Your involvement could possibly
be reading with children, youth or interpreting for a small group. You
may find some places to practice your ASL skills of interpreting and
build on that with a small team to encourage you. Advocates are needed
to read to children, Interpret at Women’s non-profit events and more.
If you are interested respond by email by sending your name, interest,
availabilty, to meet June 23rd at the Arlington Public Library.
Limited seating is available (20)

Heidi Swan

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (817)522-6826 or (817)459-6395

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