Coalition Committee Volunteer Wanted – DFW



I want to tell to Deaf Community in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. My name is Oretha Nickleberry. It is urgent meeting.

I need 10-15 deaf People join to be Coalition Committee. I need to talk with each Coalition Committee discuss one on one on vp with me for 30-45 min. then All of Coalition Committee and I will discuss special meeting on VMeeting, and I will give all of you the information, and code number for VMeeting.

if You need to contact me,and Here are my pager email address is [email protected], and yahoo email address is [email protected]
My vp ph number is 903-705-7020.

Pls You leave your name, and What best time I can call you on VP?
Pls You can leave message include your name and brief message on my pager email address.

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