Alamo Draft House CC Machine is Down – Austin


I wanted to apologize to everyone for not having any caption films
recently. Our machine is broken again. We know we issued passes to those
of you who attended movies where the captions could not be seen very well.
We will honor the passes we gave you even if they are expired.

We are also about to have our Film Festival- Fantastic Fest. During this time many
independent films will be shown. They will be shown two times during the
week. The first showing is only for people who have Fantastic Festival
passes. But the 2nd showings of these films will be shown at the end of the
week to the general public. Many of films are foreign films with
subtitles. I will be sending out a list of these films. If you are
interested in seeing these films you can go to Alamo on South Lamar and use
your rain check pass or pay general admission.

I apologize again and hope to have the caption movies up and running again
in October, 2009.

Thank you.

Alamo Draft House Cinema S. Lamar
Email: [email protected]

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