Tell FCC About Your Experience with Communication Services

Tell FCC About Your Experience with Communication Services

Think about the last time you wanted to get telephone service, Internet
service, or subscription TV service from a cable, satellite, or phone
company. Did you get all of the information you needed? Was the information
easy to get? Could you access the information? Was there information you did
not get, but wanted or needed to get? The Federal Communications Commission
(FCC) wants to know more about your experience, so you can be empowered and
better protected. Comments are due by October 13, 2009.

The FCC wants information about purchasing communications services and ways
the FCC can protect and empower consumers. Communications services include
telephone (wireline and wireless), broadband (for phone, Internet, and other
services), and subscription video services (TV provided by cable, satellite,
and phone companies).

Consumers should have access to sufficient meaningful information about
communications services. This information is needed when consumers are
purchasing products, equipment, and services. This information is also
needed when consumers are switching communications service providers.

You can help ensure that consumers have the information they need to make
informed decisions in the communications marketplace.The FCC wants to know
about the information available to consumers at each stage of the purchasing
process for a variety of communications services including:

1. choosing a service provider;
2. choosing a service plan;
3. managing use of the service plan; and
4. deciding whether and when to switch to another service provider or plan.

The FCC also wants to know how the information you need should be provided.
Are there cost-effective best ways to give consumers the information they
need to make informed decisions?

Do deaf and hard of hearing consumers have the information they need to make
informed decisions about telephone, broadband, and TV services? Is the
information provided accessible to deaf and hard of hearing consumers?
Should the information be provided in a different format or different way?

Comments are due by October 13, 2009.

If you have had good or bad experiences, or recommendations and suggestions
about providing consumers with the information needed to purchase
communication services, please tell the FCC.

Consumers may file comments through the FCC’s simplified Electronic Comment
Filing System (ECFS) Express System at: Select “Consumer Information and
Disclosure – Docket 09-158” and then click on “Continue” (at the bottom of
the page) to submit your comments.

Comments may also be filed online through the ECFS at Complete the “Cover
Sheet” form (type 09-158 in the first box marked “Proceeding”); then
complete the section called “Send Comment Files to FCC” (Attachments) or the
section called “Send a Brief Comment to FCC (typed-in).” When finished,
click on the appropriate “Send” button.

For more information visit the FCC webpage at


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