TSDAA President Kent Annoucement 10/15/09

Hello Here is Kent Kennedy TSDAA President.

We recently had TSD Homecoming on Friday and Saturday, Sept 18 and 19th,

There was the “cruises” and had 329 people. There were two boats. It was a
good crowd and thank to Ronny Taylor for his hard work as the chairperson. I
noticed that many people attended and most of them are not TSDAA members. I
wonder why they don’t join the TSDAA membership and I don’t know why they
did not join. Maybe it is due to lack of public announcement. I can’t point
to the exact reason for not having them being TSDAA members. Anyway, it was
very enjoyable evening and the weather was ideal; not too hot.

The next day, we had TSDAA general meeting at Deaf Smith Center on the
campus of Texas School for the Deaf. I arrived around 7:30 am to let TSDAA
members entering TSD campus early so they get good parking on the old
football field closer to the Homecoming Event. I controlled the traffic for
parking and seemed that we had about 50 and still controlling till 9 am.
When I arrived at the Deaf Smith Center, there were many alumni attending at
that meeting. However, I am puzzled about the parking because there were
only 11 cars parking on the old football field. There were plenty of spaces.
It was real easy for you to park as long as you are TSDAA members rather
than parking off campus and getting on the shuttle or walking to the campus.
I was appalled that not many people parking there. So for the next
Homecoming, please let us know that you join the TSDAA membership so you can
access to the parking on the campus instead of off-campus. That is one of
these great privileges.

The general meeting was great and the folks became little restless because
they can’t wait to pick up the TSD History book. I made the meeting short
into one and half hours. They felt honored to be first in the line as they
are currently TSDAA members to pick up their books while the non-members had
to wait in the line. That is another privilege of being TSDAA member. They
were so thrilled to get their books after several years of waiting.

Regarding the TSD History book, I know there were several issues that we had
to address to solve. Let me explain about the issues. The books were arrived
just two days before the TSD Homecoming Day and we set up the new committee
to work on this. At this point, we are now ready to distribute the TSD
History book. We are trying our best to deliver the books to you. I know
there were some issues regarding the purchasing. However, we accomplished
and many people picked up their books on Saturday afternoon.

Back in the150th Anniversary Event, there was a combo for two people but
they would receive only one book; not each book for each person in combo
ticket. That was an agreement back with the committee in 2006. We comply
their decision on this. Some of you purchased through third party person and
did not get the receipt. The third person did not give your name and money
to TSDAA. We are not able to give you the book because we did not have your
name and money to be placed on the list to pick up the book.

You will need to talk with that third person that you gave your money.
Although you had the receipt with you, TSDAA don’t have your name and money
on the list because TSDAA did not receive the money along with your name
from the third person. You need to solve this issue with the third person.
There is nothing we can do about this. You have a choice of going to that
person that you gave the money or paying money to TSDAA to purchase the TSD
History Book.

There is another issue regarding the postage. I know you saw the message on
the TSDAA website stated about the postage fee of $7.50 but we had to
increase to $10.00. However, we realized that the History book has 674 pages
and it is more pages plus the box and foams that cause more weight than we
anticipated and not only to that weighing but distance based from one city
to other city. The reason for increasing the cost of postage fee in amount
of $15.00 is cover the postage fee. That’s why we are asking you to pay
little more on the postage. We are new to the weighing, postage fee and city
distance. We, TSDAA, do not make any profit from collecting the postage

Some of you are waiting on us to ship the books to you. We have the shortage
of volunteers who help putting books and foams in the boxes. The volunteers
meet once a week and they want to be sure that the $15 postage is paid and
ready to ship the book off. That’s why it takes some time to ensure that
everything is in order. If you want to get your book now, you are welcome to
come and pick up your book. If you rather have your book mailing, that would
take more time and another headache to take time to complete the proceeding
of shipping the book. Remember, we don’t make any profits from collecting
the postage fees.

The TSD History book actually costs $125.00 but we are willing to reduce to
$75.00. That is expensive. When you purchased through the combo, the book
was actually cost $50.00. You were lucky to pay in that amount of $50.00. We
already ordered 1,500 books and 600 books were distributed through combo and
advanced payment. Now there are 900 books remaining but lately, we sold
approximately 200 books. Now, there are about 700 books available for rest
of you that haven’t purchased the book.

That is 1500 books TSDAA had ordered. We will not order to get more books
(reprinted) again. Better grab to purchase that book because it is very
PRECIOUS book to be owned. It is HISTORY to have the TSD History book
published for first time in 150 years. It is best to purchase as soon as
possible before the books would be sold out.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you regarding the TSD History
book –what is good about this or any feedback on this.

Now, my last word to you all, please join our TSDAA membership. You can look
at the membership by looking at the website: http://www.tsdaa.org

Welcome us….

Thank you,
Kent Kennedy
TSDAA President

Source: http://tsdaa.org/wp/2009/10/15/president-kent-annoucement

3 comments for “TSDAA President Kent Annoucement 10/15/09

  1. Mark Childers
    October 17, 2009 at 2:33 AM

    want to buy the book. {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.tv/thumbnail/WBz3pTIwCo_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”want to buy the book. “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/yIeoCnHpGv”}}}

  2. Mark Childers
    October 17, 2009 at 2:42 AM

    Hi Kent
    Oh I forgot about that real totally 125 dollars but I am glad that will be reduce for 75 dollars.. appecicate… That s awesome! I want to know how i can buy the history for 150 yrs.. Let me know when i will be ready to buy it.. Also I would like to join the membership for TSDAA Memembership… Your cooperation, Mark Childers

  3. October 20, 2009 at 6:01 PM

    This is Andrew Here is the answer that you can go on link to find the form for you to order.
    hope that helps.
    just click on this and print it out and fill out and mail it to TSDAA.
    Thank you,

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