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Holiday is approaching you!


We are excited that we got several quotes from our fans who bought the DVDs! Thought to share with you all?

“My sons love your DVDS because the DVDs are not only fun, but are also accessible and provide great education for Deaf children like my sons. We look forward to more DVDs in the future!” Harvey Nathanson, Deaf Parent.

Another quote from an interpreter?

These DVDs are an invaluable resource for interpreter training. The presentations are done is American Sign Language and allow the interpreter student to study ASL structures and behaviors. I have used them time and time again to highlight topics such as: fingerspelling, pronouns, and descriptive classifiers. The list goes on and on. And the students LOVE them. Thanks for sharing your talents. Buddy Bauer, Interpreter Trainer.

DVDS would be great educational tool for deaf schools, colleges and universities.

English voice-over and music? great for Codas, ASL students, interpreters and everyone!

Happy Holiday!

Mindy and Theron Famiy

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