ADA Training at Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center – Houston

ADA Training at Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center

Deaf and HoH consumers say

“doctor say no. can’t afford interpreter”
“i stay hosptial. i wait for interpreter show up. no interpreter”
“i not want argue with doctor. i see primary doctor will get interpreter”
“Hey, this doctor refused to provide me an interpreter simple because I can
read and write. This is serious medical appointment. I need an interpreter.
What do I need to do?”
“doctor say bring my mom or family help interpret”
“got email from employer say I have job interview. he not know I am deaf. Do
“what does essential functions mean for the job with or w/o reasonable

Monthly Schedule from 1-3pm:

March 24,2010 ~“What Do You Know About ADA?”
April 28th, 2010~ “Job Discrimination! Do Do?”
May 26, 2010~ “You Say I Bring My Mom to Interpret?”
June 23, 2010 ~“Disclosing Disability-When to Disclose”
July 28, 2010 ~TBA
August 25, 2010~TBA

Presenter: Jana Bielfeldt, Deafness Resource Specialist

Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center
(at Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church)
9920 Long Point Road
Houston, Texas 77002

Presentations will be presented in ASL. If you need an accommodation,
including CART, please contact Jana at [email protected] or VP
832.431.3844 at least 3 business days prior to each training. Accommodation
requests of less time cannot be guaranteed.

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