Will Help You Make Video for Sorenson Contest

Will Help You Make Video for Sorenson Contest

Are you a writer or have great ideas for film making but lack the experience
or equipment to make a film? New Video Contest Announced by Sorenson
Communications is a great way to get some experience and test your ideas.

I am a film maker that would love to see more deaf videos and I am willing
to help you with your project at no cost to you. You write, direct, and do
all the planning for your project. I will film, edit with you and put it in
the correct format for you to send to Sorenson. I take no ownership in the

Why would I do this? Because I love ASL. It is a language like no other. And
I believe that it should be seen more in television and advertising and
film. If you are interested please email me at [email protected]


To learn more about Sorenson VRS Contest


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