Hearing Loss Support Group “Stranger in a strange land”

Hello there!

I am emailing to inform you that there is now a Hearing Loss Support Group
called “Strangers in a Strange Land” now forming online and in Austin,
created by Julie Carter! I would like to invite you to join the yahoo group
to find out about meetings in the area, events, tips, and so much more! I
will be helping Julie with bringing technology/ALD’s and information to the
meetings for everyone. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone and
everyone you know that can benefit from this group!

Description reads:

Hey hearing impaired people: Tired of feeling like a stranger in a strange
land? Tired of trying to make sense out of the nonsensical? Let’s get
together and share experiences: hilarious, difficult, embarrassing and other
memorable moments. A support and idea bank for assistive technology, fun
things to do in Austin, snappy comebacks for insults and whatever else. All
input is welcome.

Click here to see the page and join the page to keep in touch with all that
goes on with the group!

So get started. Visit strangersinastrangelandaustin at


Thank you for your time! Have a wonderful day! If there is anything I can do
to help please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Olivia Bills
Hearing Loss Resource Specialist
CSD of Texas
1524 S IH 35, Suite 225
Austin, Texas 78704-2603
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 512.428.1813
Toll Free: 877.744.1364
Fax: 512.837.1444
VP: 512.213.2151

Hearing Loss Resource Specialist program funded by DARS
Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

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