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Selected Books on Sale at 20% off

Selected Books on Sale at 20% off

Harris Communications is known for their large selection of books on sign
language, deaf culture, and interpreting. This week we are featuring the
following books at 20% off!

“Our Stories, The Soul of Sign Language Interpreting” (B710) is the first
book of its kind to look at the interpreting profession from the human
perspective rather than the technical side. On sale for only $10.36.

“You Might Be an Interpreter If…” (B809), this miniature book shows humorous
situations in the field of interpreting. On sale for only $6.36.

“Step Into the Circle” (B847), a tribute to American Indians, Alaska Natives
and First Nations people who are deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing. On
sale for $19.96.

“Deaf Culture Beyond Bars, Signs and Stories of a Texas Population” (B854),
a book where deaf inmates share their trials and triumphs, from
communicating with police officers to survival in prison. On sale for $7.16.

For more information on these books, go to
http://bit.ly/harriscomm_dn080110 or contact us at:
mailto:[email protected]

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