Need Volunteers for Haiti’s Trip – October 2010

Need Volunteers for Haiti’s trip on October 4 to 11, 2010

The days were not long enough and the thought of coming home just made us
want to stay longer. The people of Haiti are amazing as they have lived
through more than most of us can ever imagine and still continue to smile
with hope and strength. The photo is a few of the many deaf we met and the
hearing who wish to learn more ASL, to become teachers and friends to the
deaf. Nicole was the first Deaf person the St. Vincent’s deaf had ever seen
outside of Haiti. Her abilities, strength, smile and personality endeared
her to the Haitian deaf.

A team is to be organized to return October 4th through the 11th . We will
be teaching ASL to the staff and deaf, teaching emergency response in a
disaster to the Haitian Boy Scouts, holding a VBS for the children, working
on projects where needed at St. Vincent’s and if possible a medical clinic.
We need the following specialties to serve with the team: Deaf,
Interpreters, Doctor, Nurse, Dentist and Physical Therapist. The team will
be limited to 10 people not including the team leaders.

As a deaf community we can respond and serve! Please look into your heart
and feel and hear the call to serve….YOU ARE NEEDED! If you cannot go,
please consider supporting someone who may need financial support or donate
to St. Vincent’s for much needed supplies. Please make checks or cash
donations to:

Mission United Methodist Church
721 N 10th St.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

More information will be provided on the cost to travel to Haiti in a few
days. If you are interested, please contact:

Dee Mathes – [email protected], 1-866-970-1953 (VP)
or Nicole Zatzkin – [email protected]

If you know of anyone who would be interested in participating in the trip
to Haiti then please pass this on. Thanks!

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