Parrots for Adoption

Parrots for adoption

PO Box 182
Red Oak, Texas

We are a nonprofit bird rescue facility who takes in parrots that are
abandoned abused or otherwise need our help. After rehab we adopt them into
new forever homes.

It was jokingly mentioned to me one time that I should find a deaf person to
adopt one particular bird because he was SO loud. Well, it made me realize
that I need to inform the deaf community of what we do… Not because of
that but because I am a freelance interpreter and could be here to work
through the entire adoption process with any deaf person interested in

We do have adoption fees and specific protocol for adoptions. If you are
interested in learning more please go to our website at

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
CONTACT TELEPHONE #: 214 773-4377(voice/text)

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