GUAA is Seeking 2011 Alumni Awards Nominations

GUAA is Seeking 2011 Alumni Awards Nominations

Names of outstanding individuals are needed for the GUAA and Laurent Clerc
Cultural Fund awards. Winners will be recognized at the annual Charter Day
program on April 9, 2011. Note: Deadline for nominations is October 1, 2010.

Names of outstanding individuals are being sought for several key awards. If
you know of anyone who you think is deserving of one of the following
awards, please nominate him or her:

The GUAA Outstanding Young Alumnus Award is presented to an alumnus or
alumna who has left the University within the past 15 years and who has
worked to bring favorable recognition to Gallaudet University.

The GUAA Pauline “Polly” Peikoff Service to Others Award is presented to a
hearing or deaf individual from within the deaf community who has
contributed beyond normal expectations of his or her time in service to

The LCCF Laurent Clerc Award is presented to a deaf person for his or her
outstanding contributions to society.

The LCCF Alice Cogswell Award is presented to a person for valuable service
on behalf of deaf citizens.

The LCCF Edward Miner Gallaudet Award is presented to a deaf or hearing
leader from any place in the world who is working to promote the well-being
of deaf people worldwide.

The LCCF Amos Kendall Award is presented to a deaf person in recognition of
his or her notable excellence in a professional field not related to

Listings of past award recipients who were recognized for their service and
contributions can be found on the Charter Day website.

To submit a nomination, please provide the name of the award, the name of
the nominee, and his or her mailing address, email address, and VP/TTY/voice
numbers. Also mention the nominee’s position/title and explain why you feel
this person is deserving of the particular award. Send the nomination and
supporting materials for each person nominated to GUAA, Peikoff Alumni
House, no later than the October 1, 2010 postmarked date for the 2011

Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002

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