D.E.A.F. Camp

D.E.A.F. Camp

is a Total Immersion “Silent Weekend” Promoting the Advancement of American
Sign Language and the Deaf Community.

D.E.A.F. CAMP is for the entire Deaf community! D.E.A.F. CAMP allows for:
– Community Building within the Deaf Community
– Discussions of Deafhood
– Educating the Deaf Impaired
– Mentoring the ASL Impaired
– and Much, Much More

D.E.A.F. CAMP is for hearing persons interested in learning more about
American Sign Language, Deaf Culture, and the Deaf Community. D.E.A.F. CAMP
is for:

– ASL Students (from basic to advanced conversational fluency)
– Interpreting Students
– Working Interpreters
– Kodas/Codas
– Other Professionals working with the Deaf community
– Anyone wanting to learn American Sign Language
– Anyone who wants to learn more about the Deaf Community

D.E.A.F. CAMP is a total immersion “silent weekend” conducted entirely in
American Sign Language with training and learning opportunities that

– Visual/Gestural Communication
– Numbering Systems in ASL
– Mouth Morphemes and other Non Manual Markers and Signals
– Sports Signs
– Exposure to Native ASL users, Deaf Culture, Deaf Community, and Deafhood
– and Much, Much More

Windell “Wink” Smith
“Looking Up At Deaf Culture”

Keith Wann
“Hearing… Deaf… That!”

Camp Whispering Pines is a 75 acre camp in Citronelle, Alabama offering fun
for the whole family.
– Hiking
– Boating
– Paint Ball
– Ropes Course/Climbing Wall
– Ping Pong
– Volleyball
– Basketball
– Carpetball
– and Much, Much More

OCTOBER 1 – 3, 2010


American Sign Language is the official language of the weekend.
There will be no spoken languages allowed from participants.
There is a 25 cent fine for speaking to communicate.
The ASL Cops will be watching.
This includes the Deaf participants as well.
Whether you are hearing or Deaf, if you use your voice to communicate…
You will be fined 25 cents! Bring lots of quarters with you!

Any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


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