Message from Dallas Deaf Club – October 2010

Message from Dallas Deaf Club – October 2010

Hello to all members and friends of DAD

October is here and the weather is wonderful! Let’s hope it stays this way
for a little while.

The DAD building has several new looks! And I want to give a BIG thank
yous to those members who volunteered with helping to paint our parking lot,
the exterior ‘face lift’ of our DAD building, and the iron fence: Judy
Hagen, Jesse Carrizales, Christy Martin, Pam Carrizales, Lalo Moctezume,
Alfredo Gonzales, Mitchel Bien, Blanka Anseimo, Dee Carrizales, Torrie
Levine, and April Tatask. Please do come to DAD and check out our new
beautiful parking lot, exterior building, and the iron fence!

Plus, I want to applaud the Annual Awards Night committee, along with
Herbert Picou as the chairperson, because they all did a wonderful job to
make the Annual Award Night a successful one. There was certainly a lot of
food, thanks to Sonja Cooksey! Everyone mingled with old friends and made
new ones. Our guest speaker, Bobbie Beth Scoggins, was thrilled to return
her hometown, Irving, as well as her other ‘home’, DAD.

We, the Board Members, want to deeply apologize for overlooking the
administrative part during the Annual Awards Night. DAD has an individual,
who helped us greatly, by sorting out the property title/ownership with the
City of Dallas. She has given so much of her invaluable time and expertise
with our situation. This is a very Special THANK YOU AND APPRECIATION from
DAD to Kay Seabolt. Once again, thank you Kay!

DAD hopes to continue with the Annual Awards Night as an annual event, every
year, and perhaps instead of in the fall, to take place in the spring.

For those of you, who have a birthday this month, DAD would like to wish you
all a “Happy Birthday”!

FYI: the Winter Holiday Party for the Children is scheduled on Saturday,
December 18th. Please make sure to sign up (register) your child/children
if you are planning to attend. Parents or guardians are required to be WITH
his/her child/children at the party when visiting Santa in order to collect
a toy or two.

And here are some more upcoming events for this month:

* Saturday, October 9- Ladies Nite. Ladies: wear Halloween colors!
* Friday, October 15 – a presentation by Melissa Swierk, T-Mobile
Representative – 7- 10 pm
* Saturday October 16 – CINGO – Ya’ll come and play!

FYI: the Winter Holiday Party for the Children committee will sell Frito
Pies and Nachos.

* Saturday October 23 – General Members meeting and Election Night – 7:30 pm
* Saturday October 30 – Halloween party – 7:30 pm

I would like to remind you to always check out DAD’s website,, for updated information about any of our
upcoming events and social nights.

Also if you desire to use the DAD’s meeting hall for your meetings and/or
parties, please contact me, either in person or via email,
[email protected]

And have a happy October!

DADingly yours,
Donna Lide
[email protected]

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