State Public Utilities Commission Discusses Relay Texas Confusion

State Public Utilities Commission Discusses Relay Texas Confusion 11/16/10

Greg Sherman
CBS 7 News
November 16, 2010

The state Public Utilities Commission is going around the state on a
campaign to eliminate confusion on it’s program called Relay Texas.

Today the program stopped by Big Spring to talk to local businesses about
the program and the myths.

Relay Texas was created more than 20 years ago as a way to help those who
are deaf or hard of hearing communicate over the telephone with businesses
and others through an operator and T T Y.

Recent concerns about scams and fraudulent calls have led many businesses
across the state to either not accept the calls or hang up without knowing
whether the call was legitimate.

But administrators of Relay Texas say hanging up on those calls could mean
hanging up on potential business.

“I’m hopeful that businesses will understand that it’s very important to be
patient and listen fully to a Relay Texas call when they receive one. It is
a very viable service and quite frequently used by individuals who that is
their only mode to make a telephone call,” said Eileen Alter, Relay Texas

Debbye ValVerde with the chamber says, “Our deaf community is a big
community here in Big Spring and they too want to be able to shop locally,
just like the rest of us. So what a better way to learn how to communicate
with them, how to give them the best customer service that we can.”

Tim Walsh, Manager of the Big Spring Wal-Mart, was among those business
leaders in attendance. He said they facilitate deaf customers everyday and
even employee deaf workers.

“Just to be open minded about it. Just something else to learn. Something
else that can help me provide better for the customers of Big Spring.”

Today’s event was sponsored by Howard College and the Big Spring Area
Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on Relay Texas:

– visit

– email [email protected]

– call 800-626-3777


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