Austin Sertoma Awards National Heritage Honors to TSD Students

Austin Sertoma Presents National Heritage Awards to Texas School for the
Deaf Middle Schoolers

Austin, Texas – March 31, 2010 The Austin Chapter of Service to Mankind
(SERTOMA) recognized middle school students today at the Texas School for
the Deaf (TSD) as part of Sertoma’s National Heritage Freedom & Democracy
Program. Chartered by SERTOMA International, the Austin Sertoma Club
sponsors the annual competition for TSD middle school students, and kicks
things off during United States Freedom Week each February.

Following a tour of the Texas State Capitol and lunch in the Capitol Grill
hosted by the Austin Sertoma Club, students were tasked with presenting to
the club “Why I’m Proud to be an American”. Each student developed a poster
submitted along with a written essay and gave a formal presentation to club
committee members for judging.

First and second place winners received digital cameras, and all students
were recognized with a commemorative Capitol of Texas patch for

Austin Sertomans have provided support and sponsorships to individuals and
groups in the Austin community since 1963, and has worked with TSD for more
than 30 years, sponsoring projects like this and providing scholarships and
assistance to deaf and hard of hearing students in Texas. To learn more,
visit .

First Place 2011 National Heritage winner, Jesse Martinez. Pictured with
Harry Pokorny (L) and Chuck Banks (R) of Austin Sertoma.

Second Place 2011 National Heritage winner, Justin Akers of Waco is
congratulated by Austin Sertoma members.

TSD Middle-schoolers participated in Austin Sertoma’s 2011 National Heritage

Front (L-R) Ketsi Simon (Austin), Brendan Pena (Austin), Marco Lopez (San
Antonio), Tommy Nouthavykoun (Ft.Worth), Kiara Faught (Friendswood), Keena
Miller-Austin Sertoma.

Back (L-R) Leslie Hussey-TSD Language Arts teacher, Harry Pokorny-Austin
Sertoma, Jesse Martinez-1st Place (Austin), Justin Akers-2nd Place (Waco),
David Hernandez (Jacksonville), Chuck Banks-Austin Sertoma.

Judging the 2011 National Heritage entries.

Keena Miller
Outreach & Development Specialist at TSD
contact: [email protected] or 512.462.5328

Note: Please contact TSD for the pictures.

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