Nightlight Vigil at Austin



On April 1, 2011, as the Texas House of Representatives was debating House
Bill 1, the state appropriations bill, there was a Rally and Nightlight
Vigil on the south steps of the Texas Capitol to protest the bill which will
cut essential health, education, and environmental services for Texans. In
particular, House Bill 1 will cut services to people with disabilities. A
Nightlight Vigil was held to honor the real life stories of children, youth,
and adults with disabilities and their families and to speak out for state
funding of essential services. We used over 500 lights to make a huge “SOS”
for “Save Our State” on the main walkway of the Texas Capitol. It is a call
to action and call for people to rally in support of funding of critical
services for Texans.

The photo is posted on KVUE. Go to the following link and add a comment.
Maybe we can make it the picture of the month!

Lesa Walker
Email: [email protected]

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