IRS videos available in ASL on Youtube

IRS videos available in ASL on Youtube

The IRS has built a YouTube channel complete with a series of ASL videos –
that are also voiced and captioned – on a myriad of tax topics, including
IRS2Go (the new IRS phone app for iphone and Android), Earned Income Tax
Credit, Free File and Fillable forms, Small Business Employer, Unemployment
Compensation and Home Energy Credits. ASL videos on many more important
subjects for taxpayers will be added as they become available.

Just go to the IRS YouTube channel to see ASL videos that will help you
complete your taxes this year. You can post and share these videos through
your websites, Facebook, vlogs or other social network venues. Click on the
subscriptions button at the top of the YouTube page and you can find out
right away when future videos become available.

IRS ASL Video list for 2010:,,id=233906,00.html

Youtube IRS ASL Video Channel:

Youtube IRS with subtitle Video Channel:

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