Delaine Dekalb’s Mother Letter

Delaine Dekalb’s Mother Letter

This is DeLaine’s Mother

I can not attend the Memorial for my daughter due to health reasons and her
daughter is in high school here with me and can not attend as school is
still in session.

We will be holding a Memorial for her here in Washington sometime in June as
her son can not come until that time. Stephen, her brother and her
stepfather will also be here.

I wish to thank each and everyone for their caring and their prayers during
this difficult time for all our family.

May we remember her the way she was and know that because of her faith in
our Savior she is well and happy in the love of Christ. I only hope that
each of you will embrace the redeeming love and the grace that our Father in
heaven gives us freely. DeLaine always believed the best in people and had
that beautiful smile that lit up the room.

Life had treated her not so well but she still trusted and tried to go on
with optimism. Her greatest joy were her son and daughter. Also, the two
college degrees she earned, AA in Paralegal from Pierce College and her BA
from the Evergreen State College.

She was the light of my life from the minute I laid eyes on her till the end
but because of our faith in Jesus Christ I know we will be together again.

Again, I thank you for your kindness and caring for my Lainie.

Camille Kelly

Note: You can view DeLaine’s obituary here.

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