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Cinematic ASL DVD: Blockbuster from Wink ASL on Vimeo.

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Many people have requested us to make a instructional DVD with a focus on
Cinematic ASL, we are proud to announce that it is now here and for a
limited time we are offering a introductory rate from $19.99 down to
$14.99… Plus now get reduced prices when you purchase Idioms “Do You See
What I’m Saying?” and or Tangible DVD! visit

Blockbuster Abstract:
Have you ever seen an ASL story performance and thought, “That’s like
watching a movie!”? Television and film use certain conventions (often
referred to as the “grammar”) when recording and editing audiovisual media.
ASL literature has been found to use the same types of conventions by ASL
“writers.” Deaf, interpreters, and students alike should be able to
incorporate these into their work. Cinematic techniques and formulas are
already used by the Deaf community. If someone wants to create captivating
“blockbuster” ASL literature or wants to create stunning visual interpreting
work, they must be aware and practice these conventions.

This DVD includes some of the most important conventions for conveying
meaning through particular camera and editing techniques (as well as some of
the specialized vocabulary of film production) through the use of space,
classifiers, forced perspective, eye gaze, and other ASL aspects.

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