Miss Deaf Texas Pageant Recruiting new contestants

Miss Deaf Texas Pageant Recruiting new contestants

The Miss Deaf Texas Pageant is coming to Houston on July 23, 2011! We are
actively recruiting contestants.

The deadline is June 17, 2011! There’s still time!

We are looking for a few good Deaf ladies from the following cities:

San Antonio
Fort Worth
El Paso
Wichita Falls
Corpus Christi
Del Rio
Big Spring

For more information, please log on http://www.missdeaftexas.com .

The MDT Pageant’s motto is: It is the Time of Your Life. Hence, the MDT
Pageant is not a contest of beauty. It is a lifetime enrichment and
motivational program. The Miss Deaf Texas Pageant is open to young Deaf
women from the State of Texas representing their hometowns.

The Pageant offers these women the opportunity to:

* Develop self-confidence
* Display talents
* Share ambitions
* Educational rewards in the form of scholarships
* Develop leadership skills
* Everyone turns out a winner!
* Share awareness of deaf culture and concerns
* A chance to enter the Miss Deaf America Pageant

Eligibility Requirements:

* Single
* Never have been married
* Never have bore a child
* United States citizen
* Resident of Texas for at least 1 year
* Never been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony
* Between the ages of 18 and 30 by July 1 2012
* Hearing loss must meet the requirements of a 65-decibel or more hearing

Miss Deaf Texas will represent the Texas Association for the Deaf at public
events, ceremonies, presentations for two years. She will be a great role
model for young deaf people in Texas. She also will participate in the Miss
Deaf America Pageant during the biennial National Association of the Deaf
Convention held in July 2012. The winner of the Miss Deaf America Pageant
will represent the National Association of the Deaf for two years.

For the interested applicants:

Please log on http://www.missdeaftexas.com and fill out the Application

Contact Information:
Amanda Tuite
Miss Deaf Texas Pageant Director
[email protected]

Website: http://www.missdeaftexas.com

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