POT O GOLD Deaf Camp 2011

POT O GOLD Deaf Camp

DATE: July 25 to 29, 2011

Hermann Sons Road
Comfort, Texas

Everyone and Any Churches….

We are invited you to come our Deaf Summer Camp!

Pot O Gold Deaf Summer Camp in Hermann Sons Road in Comfort, Texas

***Please Help us and forward to tell the others about this camp … It is wonderful camp place!

When: July 25 to 29, 2011

Registration : $150.00 per person

Any ages from 8 yrs old to Adults.

If you have family…They are welcome to come!

We have sign language class here at camp…pls come to our camp!

There is cookout, riding horses, volleyball, basketball, swimming pool,
rodeo, etc. We have choir, drama, and special singer, etc.

Home: 512-757-5017 voice and text
Email: [email protected]

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