Interpreter Workshop: ASL Phraseology – Dallas

Note: It should be Dallas, Not Austin — will send out correction version ASAP.  –gwlj

Interpreter Workshop

DATE: October 15, 2011

TIME: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

NCTRID Presents a Saturday Workshop Combo

Two workshop presented in ASL

“COW-That”: ASL Phraseology, Presented by Lisa Gelineau

ASL has a set of expressions and phrases used by native ASL users that often
have no simple ASL to English translational equivalent. The content of this
workshop will assist participants in recognizing and mastering the challenge
of accurately producing equivalent interpretations.

Mini Buffet a Smorgasbord of Numbers in ASL: Incorporation of Numbers,
Presented by Lisa Bosson & Perry Connolly

Participants will increase their understanding of the origin (French
etymology) and evolution of ASL numbers as well as the fluidity principal,
language register usage, and categories of ASL numbers. Activities will
include appropriate palm orientation while interpreting numeric

CEU’s pending approval.

For further information or a copy of the registration form please contact
Samuel Gonzales at [email protected]

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

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