Court Interpreter Training – San Antonio

Court Interpreter Training – San Antonio

There is still space available… Email at [email protected] for
registration materials. Cost is $175 Texas Residents, $275 Out of State

DARS – Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services presents

Best Practices in Legal Interpreting: An Overview—October 21-22, 2011,
9am—4:30pm both days—The Professional Studies Program is offered for 1.2
CEUs at the “Extensive Knowledge” Level at San Antonio College, 1300 San
Pedro, San Antonio Texas—room 120A&B

The seminar will assist participants in understanding the major tenets of
Court Interpreters Code of Conduct that affects the interpreter’s role and
the major role they are expected to master to work in the legal setting.
Interpreters will gain a clear understanding of the limitations that they
must impose on themselves in the face of the realities of high demand and
low supply due to ethical obligations and role restrictions.

This is an advanced level seminar because of the complexity of the
information. The seminar presumes that the participants are certified,
highly competent interpreters already working in legal settings or nearly
ready to work in such settings. The seminar will provide the interpreter
with the tools necessary to competently assess the ethical obligations of
providing interpreting services in a legal setting and is designed to
reinforce appropriate behaviors and to inform the interpreter of the proper
protocol for working in legal settings

The seminar is also geared to provide information to Deaf Interpreters who
may be novices in any interpreting setting. Because deaf persons may have
had less access to traditional interpreter training and because deaf
interpreters are frequently called upon to interpret in court, it is vitally
important for this seminar to be open to them.

Randi Turner, Communication Access Specialist
DARS – Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

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