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Nationwide TEST of Emergency Alert System (EAS) – ASL Version | Deaf Network of Texas
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Nationwide TEST of Emergency Alert System (EAS) – ASL Version

Monday, October 31, 2011
Posted By Grant Laird Jr

Nationwide TEST of Emergency Alert System (EAS) – ASL Version

On November 9, 2011 there will be a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert

It’s just a test. Watch the video for more information.


English text/voice and ASL


Spanish text/voice and ASL

The reason FEMA and FCC are spreading the word about this TEST is so that
people will not misunderstand and think there is a real emergency happening.
The FCC is unsure what people may see on their TV screens, whether there
will be a visual notice that it’s a test, or if just a static picture with
an audio tone (beeeeeeeeeep.)

The EAS has never before been tested nationwide at the same time. Every
TV/Cable and RADIO will be involved in this TEST. This will help the FCC and
FEMA to identify any issues which need to be resolved regarding EAS
capabilities and functionalities.

Remember, this is just a TEST.

Deaf Link has made this information accessible in ASL as a Public Service to
citizens. Please share your feedback about the importance of emergency
communications being accessible in ASL with FCC and
FEMA. http://www.fcc.gov and http://www.fema.gov

Submitted by Scott Bailey at [email protected]

==================== ===========================

FEMA Disaster Assistance Video Available in ASL, narrated English, and open

Many individuals and businesses suffered losses during recent disasters. The
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has created a video containing
answers to questions most often asked about disaster assistance in federally
declared disaster areas. Topics include individual assistance, registration,
Small Business Association loans, and contact information. The video is
provided in American Sign Language, narrated English, and open captions.

Follow the link below to access the video:


Information provided by
Office of the Governor Rick Perry
Committee on People with Disabilities

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