US Department of Transportation: Dialogue on Transparency, Participation and Collaboration

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US Department of Transportation -Dialogue on Transparency,
Participation and Collaboration!

The U.S. Department of Transportation is very interested in your
participation –in a new on-line dialogue focused on sharing your
thoughts about how to enhance transparency, participation and

Specifically, we are looking for your input to help shape DOT’s next
Open Government Plan by March 2, 2012! Open Government is an initiative
spearheaded by the President that seeks to improve government
transparency, participation and collaboration. (Read more about the
initiative here.)

* Transparency promotes accountability by providing transportation
stakeholders and the public with information about what the Government
is doing.
* Participation allows transportation stakeholders and members of the
public to contribute ideas and expertise so that their government can
make policies with the benefit of information that is widely dispersed
in society.
* Collaboration improves the effectiveness of Government by encouraging
partnerships and cooperation within the Federal Government, across
levels of government, and between the Government and private

We recognize that YOUR feedback is critical to ensure the initiatives
we prioritize for the next two years meet the needs of our
stakeholders. So we want to hear from you about the following items in
particular as we craft our next Open Government Plan:

* New approaches and technologies that would enable DOT to be more
open, efficient and save taxpayer money
* Additional information and high-value data we could provide to be
more accountable, improve knowledge of our policies and programs, and
create economic opportunity
* Specific opportunities to further encourage two-way conversations
with stakeholders and members of the public to share ideas and
expertise to improve our policies and programs
* Specific ideas for prizes/contests and other innovative methods our
programs can use to could attract others to work with us and solve our
nation’s transportation problems

Kristen Baldwin
Director for Resource Management

Chief Information Officer
U.S. Department of Transportation

To read more about what we committed to in our last Open Government
plan and our progress towards meeting those commitments, please see open. We look forward to hearing from you!

Read more about the Government’s actions towards Open Government

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