Eater’s Hottest Chef in America 2012 Is Kurt Ramborger

Kurt Ramborger, Eater’s Hottest Chef in America [Photo: Paul Rutowski]

Eater’s Hottest Chef in America 2012 Is Kurt Ramborger

March 6, 2012

By Raphael Brion

Ladies and gents, we have a winner: After tabulating all the votes in
our hottest chef competition in a head-to-head tournament — and
eliminating all the fraudulent votes — we can officially crown Eater’s
Second Annual Hottest Chef in America. The winner: chef Kurt Ramborger
of ViUDA Bistro in Buda, TX (just outside of Austin).

Ramborger goes by the nickname “The Irish Chef — he is a fiery redhead,
indeed — and he ran a very impressive social media campaign to win the
title. He posted videos to YouTube, including this one in which he
signs (he’s deaf, haven’t you heard?) the story of his twenty-year
career in restaurants, starting as a dishwasher, moving around from
Seattle to California and elsewhere. The deaf community totally rallied
behind him. Ramborger is still single, but he tells Eater, “I am datin’
with my kitchen now, sorry mi’ladies….”

Reached for comment about his win, Ramborger emailed Eater: “Whooo…
Really felt a longest hours I have been await fer the result!!! Just
glad ’tis all over with and give Austin a Proud with best Chefs in the
country amongst Chef Paul Qui’s Top Chef winner, 3 F&W Best new Chef
nominated, and best Food Truck in America! Austin are in the Food
national Map now! Don’t mess with TEXAS!!!””

And Paul Rutowski, a partner of ViUDA Bistro, emailed: “Rene Alcala and
I (Paul Rutowski) as ViUDA Bistro Partners, Rene and I both are elated
about Kurt’s success with the contest! We may be a small
bistro in Buda but this propels us onto the national scene! The good
news is that we will have enough room for everyone provided that they
make reservations!”


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