Deaf Family Out 4/14/12 – San Antonio Zoo

Deaf Family Out 4/14/12 – San Antonio Zoo

Date: Saturday April 14, 2012

Time: 2pm – 5pm

Come have fun seeing the exotic birds, pet the pigs and goats, huge elephants, see the slithering snakes, long necked giraffes, the stripped zebras, the hunry hunry hippos, the kicking kangaroos, the comedic monkeys and all kinds of other living creatures to learn about and see. h yeah and meet all your friends for a giggling good time.

Pricing is as follows:

Adults: $12.00
Senior Citizens 62 and over: $9.50
Children 3 – 11 yrs: Hearing: $9.50
Children ages 2 and under: Free

(Directly from Zoo) Handicapped/Deaf (3 – 14 yrs): $6.00
Handicapped/Deaf 15 yrs and up: $7.50

San Antonio Zoo Eagle (Train) Children 3-11 yrs – $2.75
Adults 12 – up: $3.25

Butterflies!, Caterpillar Flight School: $1.50
Lory Landing, Nectar to feed Lories: $1.50

Parking: Free

Contact info

Sharon Galvan
EMAIL: [email protected]
TEXT: 210-300-2320

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