Keep Your Family Safe with Weather Alert Products

Keep Your Family Safe with Weather Alert Products

Storm season is upon us and Harris Communications has products to help
keep your family safe.

Our weather radios are designed for deaf and hard of hearing people
with sound, strobe and vibration alerts to notify you of severe weather
heading into your area.

One of our weather alert products is the Midland Weather Radio with
Strobe Light and Bed Shaker (SC-WAKIT1) from Silent Call. It provides
audible, vibration and strobe alerts, for around-the-clock,
up-to-the-minute weather information.

When bad weather comes, every second can help you get out of harm’s
way. A weather radio with an alerting device will give you advance
notice so you can move to safety.

To see all our weather alert products, go to or contact us at
mailto:[email protected]

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