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UPDATED: ASL Teachers and Interpreters 2-in-1 Workshop – Tyler

ASL Teachers and Interpreters 2-in-1 Workshop – Tyler

UPDATED: .7 BEI CEU’s Approved!

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“ASL/Interpreting Smorgasbord”

For Two Groups: ASL Teachers AND Interpreters

By TJC: Casey Crouch, Stephanie Deibert, Susie Grona, Laura Hill and
Rhonda McKinzie

Saturday, September 29, 2012

8:45 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. (Working Lunch – Box Lunches Provided)

Includes short morning & afternoon break. Some presentations in ASL;
Some in spoken English.

Target Audience: Two In One Workshop – For HS and College ASL Teachers
as well as Interpreters or Interpreting

Students. SPACE LIMITED-Register Early! BEI CEUs Pending

Workshop/Course Description: Attendees will be combined in the
beginning and at the end of the day.

Each group will move between two rooms to participate in the following
topics presented specifically for each group’s perspective (teaching
ASL or working as an interpreter):

* Using Rubrics for Self and Peer Evaluations in ASL Classes and
* English Idioms and ASL Phrases
* Visual Descriptors
* Fundamentals of Linguistics and How It Applies To Me
* Self-Care/Brain Gym Exercises- help students learn and help
interpreters work smarter and safer

Working Lunch: Teachers- be prepared to share activities and ideas for
teaching ASL;

Interpreters will work on Ethical Dilemmas. Boxed lunches provided.

Tyler Junior College Apache Rooms (Rogers Student Center off Baxter
1400 Fifth Street,
Tyler, TX (physical address)

By September 21, 2012
*Students $30
All Others $35

After September 21, 2012 (Chk. for space first)
*students $35
All others $40
*must include valid student ID
COST INCLUDES BOX LUNCH (Make choices on registration form)

Contact: Rhonda McKinzie, Dept. Chair for more info, cancellation
policy, & if you need reasonable accommodations. [email protected]

“ASL/Interpreting Smorgasbord”

For Two Groups: ASL Teachers AND Interpreters


Casey Crouch: Graduate of Tyler Jr. College’s ITP; Undergraduate
University Study and Immersion Experience with Concentrations in
American Sign Language and Linguistics- Gallaudet University; Currently
TJC ITP’s Lab Assistant and Adjunct Professor.

Fundamentals of Linguistics: How Does It Apply to Me?
“What is linguistics and how does it apply to me?” As teachers,
interpreters, or students, you may be asking yourself this question. In
this workshop, you will achieve a fundamental understanding of what
linguistics is and how it relates to you, as well as, discover the
value of linguistics in your professional and educational career. This
workshop, Fundamentals of Linguistics: How Does It Apply to Me?, will
primarily focus on three main areas of linguistic inquiry: phonology,
morphology, and syntax.

Stephanie Deibert: M.A., Interdisciplinary Studies Emphasis: English
and American Sign Language; Texas BEI Level II; Currently adjunct
professor for TJC ITP focusing on ASL, Intra Lingual Skills Development
and Interpreting Labs.

Participants will be exposed to the concept of grading rubrics for use
by educators in Interpreter Training Programs and for self and peer
evaluation by practitioners. Participants will learn how to create and
customize rubrics for use for their specific needs. They will also
practice using sample rubrics to evaluate selected sources. Susie
Grona: B.S. Deaf Education; Texas State Certified Teacher for the Deaf
( K-12); Texas BEI Level III Intermediary Interpreter; TASC-ASL – ASL
certified instructor; Workshop Presenter; On numerous boards and
committees; Retired Deaf Ed.Teacher with 30 years experience;
Previously taught at Del Mar College ITP in Corpus Christi,TX.
Currently also a TJC ITP adjunct professor focusing on Deaf Culture,
Fingerspelling, & Visual Gestural Communication.

Visual Descriptors
Visual Descriptors in ASL will focus on how to use multimodal approach
using a variety visual descriptor tools in ASL such as pronouns,
contrastive structures, spatial verbs, classifiers, and other ASL
grammatical features to describe visual elements from a video or
picture clip. This approach will give participants the experience using
their receptive and expressive visual ASL skills

Laura Loeb Hill: M.S. Deaf Education; Texas BEI Level V Intermediary
Interpreter; TASC-ASL certified instructor; Has been teaching ASL since
1992 at HS and/or College levels; Over 13 years Deaf Ed. teaching
experience; Currently the ASL professor at TJC’s ITP focusing on
overseeing the ASL courses.

English Idioms/ASL Phrases
How hard is it to sign idioms? Have you heard of idioms but can’t
figure out how to sign it?? This workshop will allow you to brainstorm
ideas of how to sign idioms. Participants will work in groups and use
their brains to figure out how to sign familiar idioms in ASL. The
presenter will show the participants how to sign certain idioms. Get
ready to use your brains for this fun workshop

Rhonda McKinzie: BS Deaf ED; MS Counseling; Licensed Professional
Counselor; Texas BEI Master/Court certified interpreter; Over 32 years
certified interpreter experience; workshop presenter; currently Dept.
Chair for TJC’s ITP.

Brain Gym Exercises, Self-Care to Prevent Burnout and Injury &
Interpreters Working Lunch Brain Gym® movements, exercises, or
activities: Series of movements – coordinating the eyes, ears, hands,
and whole body. Brain Gym was developed by educator and reading
specialist Paul E. Dennison and his wife and colleague, Gail E.
Dennison. We have used these activities in our interpreting program to
increase concentration and focus. Brain Gym activities are said to
improve memory. academics, test taking, physical coordination,
organizational skills, attitude and more. Many schools and day care
programs as well as counseling programs incorporate these activities.
We do some activities at the beginning of the day and after lunch.

Using both sides of the brain through these activities attendees will:

Increase concentration/focus
Increase energy and awareness

Self-Care: Interpreters, teachers and students all need to understand
how to care for ourselves to prevent burnout and injury. Some basic
concepts will be discussed in this portion of the workshop. During this
30 minute session we will cover stress’s affects on our work and some
things we can do to improve nutrition, attitude, thoughts, rest,
movement, posture and more. Be prepared to do a self-assessment in
these areas to see where you are doing things well!

Working Lunch: Each interpreting table will be given an ethical
scenario to discuss during lunch.

Patrick Grona, adjunct professor from TJC’s ITP who teaches ASL I and
II. He is also a retired Deaf Ed. teacher and coach of over 30 years.
Facilitator for the Teacher’s Group Working Lunch. Teachers Group:
Discuss activities / ideas for teaching ASL at the HS & College Level.
Download flyer and registration form: (PDF format)

You can also go to http://www.tjc.edu/signlanguage and look for
workshops and click on link for the above info, too.

Thanks so much!

Rhonda McKinzie, M.S., LPC
BEI Master/Court
Department Chair/Professor
Tyler Junior College Sign Language Interpreter Training Program

Office: Jenkins 182
Phone: 903-510-2774
VP: Office 866-906-8168

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