Deaf Friendly Boot Camp 12/8/12 – Austin

Deaf Friendly Boot Camp 12/8/12 – Austin

My name is Jacquelyn (Jackie) Petersen and Michael (Mikey) Navarro. We are a local trainers in the making. We both are Hard Of Hearing and our focus is to reaching out to the hearing and deaf community.

For those who never experience what is like to be in Boot Camp with Hard of Hearing that knows ASL to have a better communicate for you needs! Come check it out and see it for your self.

More information at,  Be sure to read F.A.Q.s Interviewed by Ashley Steakley Kim, Blogging Austin.

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Also, I am excited to announce that Mikey and I are happy to have Mike Chang join us as a special guest that will be joining on our December 8th 2012 Bootcamp!

Be sure to save the date if you are interested in attending.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at anytime with any questions :o)

Come out and support us! Hope to see you all there!

Have a great weekend!
Jackie and Mikey

Email: [email protected]

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