Emergency 2.0 Wiki Accessibility Toolkit

Emergency 2.0 Wiki Accessibility Toolkit

Emergency Managers are often asked about their social media….is it accessible? For many people, the word “accessible” means “available,” but for the disability community it means can I have equal access to the information that people without disabilities have. Accessible Social Media requires design features that make it accessible to a variety of people with disabilities. The Emergency 2.) Wiki Accessibility Toolkit offers a crowdsourcing site that pools resources on helping emergency managers and homeland security professionals learn how to make their information/resources accessible to everyone.

The Emergency 2.0 Wiki Accessibility Toolkit was developed to empower people with disabilities to use social media for disaster preparedness, response and recovery. This toolkit was developed in response to the fact that not all people with a disability are able to access life saving messages delivered through social media due to the accessibility challenges that the tools currently pose.

Emergency 2.0 Wiki Accessibility Toolkit:


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