Silver Shield from Nature’s Sunshine

Silver Shield from Nature’s Sunshine

Nature’s Sunshine Company is a company of integrity and great quality products that are 100% all natural, no artificial coloring, additives or preservatives.

Silver Shield w/Aqua Sol is approved non-toxic by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and is safe for regular use. Prevents and protects from strains of flu before or after shots. Gentle for babies, small children, pregnant women and seniors.

Silver Shield builds up a weakened immune system; it is antiviral, anti-fungalantipatheticic, antibacterial, antiseptic.

The Flu has spread across the states as reported on TV news.

Organisms that Silver Shield has been found to be effective against include: the Flu also bacteria that cause dental plaque and tooth decay, ear and sinus infection. Eye infections, food poisoning, diarrhea, fever, salmonella, strep throat, impetigo, pneumonia, respiratory tract and urinary infections. Yeast infections, skin and wound infections and MRSA.

1 tsp. for adults daily for prevention or 2-3 tsp. daily for fighting infections. Children suggested dose is 1/4-1/2 tsp. daily. Silver Gel is for topical (skin) use; such as burns, blisters, insect bites includes protection from West Nile Virus before and after.

Silver Shield Liquid (4fl. oz) stock#4274-1 $22.25
Silver Shield Gel (3 0z. tube) stock #4950-1 $16.00

Remember quality, cleanliness and purity are what goes into our products.

To save and order for these discounted prices contact: Heidi Swan (NSP Manager/ Health Consultant) : 817-522-6826(also text) or email [email protected] website:

For more information about the company:

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