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Deaf Seniors USA | Deaf Network of Texas
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Deaf Seniors USA

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Posted By Grant Laird Jr


Deaf Seniors USA ( is a new blog for Deaf senior citizens. The purpose of this blog is to announce Deaf Seniors-related events and to spread information that is relevant to Deaf Seniors. Our goal is to publish these events and information in the hopes of encouraging Deaf Seniors to get in touch with each other, live happy and healthy lives, and to spread awareness about the lives of Deaf Seniors.

DSUSA is for anyone who wants to know what is going on with Deaf Seniors in the US and for anyone who is interested in how people can live happy and healthy lives in their senior years. Everyone is welcome to submit event information at no charge.

Deaf Seniors USA (DSUSA) was started by Donna Leff, and became what it is today when Susie Tighe joined the team and assisted Donna with the blog. Donna and Susie work on DSUSA on a volunteer basis when available.

For more information about DSUSA, please visit the website at:

For any event submissions or questions, please contact Donna and/or Susie at: [email protected]

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