Deaf Certified Solar PV installer launched company called Blue Paw Energy Service

bluepawenergyNation’s first deaf certified Solar PV installer

Press Release

Nation’s first deaf certified solar PV installer establishing Blue Paw Energy Service, LLC with the motto of “Working to Reduce Our Paw Print on the Planet!”

Jason Shaw, nation’s first deaf certified solar PV installer, established Blue Paw Energy Service, LLC to provide an array of services, such as solar energy system design & installation and building energy management services with examples of energy auditing and weatherization. Blue Paw Energy is uniquely set up with professional team who knows sign language to serve the Deaf community with their needs to reduce their energy bills while helping reduce their “Paw Print” on the planet.


Blue Paw Energy, LLC, was established by Jason Shaw, the nation’s first deaf NABCEP certified solar PV installer, to provide an array of services, ranging from design and installation of solar energy system to building energy management services such as energy auditing and weatherization, to help customers reduce their energy bills and help the environment. Blue Paw Energy has a motto: “Working to Reduce Our Paw Print on the Planet!” which refers to the effort to reduce carbon footprint.

Jason Shaw has been in the electrical trade for 18 years and in the solar trade for three years. Mr. Shaw has been involved in the renewable energy community for the past two years as the President of Renewable Energy Student Association, a student chapter of American Solar Energy Society, at Austin Community College. This role enabled him to form many relationships with different people in the solar industry. One of the things Mr. Shaw noticed was the need for educating the Deaf community about the various incentives and rebates available to help them reduce their energy bills while providing them with the services needed to achieve it with effective communication. This is one of the many reasons Blue Paw Energy, LLC was founded.

Jason Shaw will be the company’s President and has assembled a team of experienced professionals with the Blue Paw Energy’s initial entry to be in the solar PV industry. Suzanne White, the face of Austin Community College’s Women in Green Job program and an electrical engineer who teaches solar PV courses at Austin Community College, will be the solar PV designer. Mary Kelly, a Navy vet with experience as office manager working with government agencies and currently taking Renewable Energy Specialization courses at Austin Community College, will be the office manager. Both of them knows sign language. The rest of the team will be made up of experienced solar installers with Mr. Shaw leading them on solar PV installations. Blue Paw Energy will launch its service within the next two months and will start serving the Central Texas area. Jason Shaw is looking forward to working with customers who are looking to reduce their energy bill while feeling good about reducing their “Paw Print” on the planet!

Information about Jason Shaw can be found by Google Search at “Jason Shaw Solar”

Information about Suzanne White is found at:

Blue Paw Energy website and social media can be found at:

Blue Paw Energy Service is a deaf-owned solar energy design/install and O/M company in Central Texas. Jason Shaw is the nation’s first NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer.

Media Contact (Contact Info)

Jason Shaw, President and Founder
P.O. Box 4123
Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Email: [email protected]
512-537-8305 (VP/VRS)
866-323-2916 (Fax)

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