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Deaf Puppy Home Wanted – DFW | Deaf Network of Texas
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Deaf Puppy Home Wanted – DFW

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Posted By Grant Laird Jr

 deaf dog buddy dfw1

Deaf Puppy Home Wanted – DFW

I recently rescued a puppy, but have been unable to find his owners.  I have trying to find him a new family, but found out from the vet today that he is deaf.  I'd love to find him a family that best understands how to take care of him..

Buddy is about 6 months and probably a pit mix.  He is currently 33 pounds and a skinny little thing.  Super sweet, the most friendly and affectionate dog.  He gets along very well with other dogs and with children.  Buddy is house trained already and seems to know how to "sit".  The vet said that he is completely deaf, but I think he might be able to hear higher registers as he responds to my voice but not my husband's voice or any other noises.  He has been tested negative for heartworms and has no bad habits.

I am in Dallas, Texas, but am happy to drive with in a couple of hours to help get Buddy in a good place.

Melody Lao
[email protected]

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One Response to “Deaf Puppy Home Wanted – DFW”

  1. Ann Lloyd-Stump

    I will love to adopt this dog since my mixed deaf dog senior passed away last 2 weeks. I cry every and miss her so much. I need another deaf dog to keep my another sister dog a company. She cries for her deaf sister.


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