Message for Odin Amador

This message is for Odin Amador.

Hi. I've been looking for a friend of mine since I graduated high school in 1987. Her name is Liz Ray. After several years, I'd heard that she was in a traffic accident.

Every year or so, I search for her name without luck. This time though, I came across your story, and I'm hoping that you're talking about her… In your article "Campuses accommodate all students, Monday, May 3, 2010" You write about Elissa Ray. Can you tell me what happened to her after she graduated? Would you mind forwarding my contact info, or give me an idea of where to look next?

Thank you very much. I really hope that you're the missing key.

David Durall

(I was David Lange when Liz knew me at Permian High School in Odessa Texas)

[email protected]

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