Concerns about VRS Reforms by Ed Bosson

Concerns about VRS Reforms

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Letter to Tom Harkins copy (PDF)

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List of Committee (PDF)

Hello Folks

As you can see I have been enjoying my retirement after being absent from Edsalert for so long.

However, I have been increasingly concerned about the new VRS Reforms that the FCC is undertaking. Several reforms already are happening, and more reforms to be implemented.

So I felt Congress folks need to be aware of problematic issues with VRS Reforms. So I have decided to write a letter to Congress.

I have included a letter to Honorable Tom Harkins as an example of my concern. I already send to two Texas Senators as well as the Chairs of committees that have oversight over the FCC funding. I also send letter to the members of these committees that are from Texas.

What is in the letter?

Basically it starts off by explaining what VRS is and how beneficial the service is for deaf/hh of all different walks. Brief explanation of how VRS started.

The core of the letter is about how damaging VRS Reforms are and how it can impact the quality of lives of deaf/hh as well as how it can cause loss of jobs for many deaf/hh who are already employed by VRS providers.

If the quality of overall VRS deteriorate, many deaf/hh who depend on VRS for their works or businesses may suffer as result. The letter ends with a plea for politicians to make the right decision to ensure that the VRS industry remain viable and continue to provide quality services.

If the VRS Reforms are not stopped, I fear that quality of VRS providers will deteriorate not unlike the IP Relay industry did.

Number of IP Relay providers have closed their services because the FCC did not take into consideration of the cost and lively competition that IP Relay industry had for a while.

Same thing can happen to VRS industry if the VRS Reforms are implemented to the fullest.

The letter is 6 pages long. I have attached a list of two committees here. You can check to see if your state is on one of the representatives. If not, you can always send to your two state Senators.

You can either use the letter as is or modify letter to fit your concerns and send as your own.

I strongly encourage you to let your state Senators and the committee representatives know of your concerns.

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