Looking for Job Opportunity in Austin Area or Bastrop County

Looking for Job Opportunity in Austin Area 

Dear Deaf Network.com Readers,

I am currently living in San Angelo and I am still working part-time for my present bosses. I am wrapping things up with our San Angelo home and other things. My hearing husband accepted a job and he is working with Clinical Pathologist Laboratories as a cytologist in Austin, TX. I am a deaf employee and I am looking to work in Austin and/or Bastrop County areas. I do have good speech and I wear hearing aids. You can observe that I do meet with the public on a daily basis from my resume.

This is my objective goal which I want to continue to being a deaf productive employee by multitasking to perform office duties and/or to serve different functions for both deaf and hearing communities.

I attached my resume as I have various skilled experiences.

Are there new demands to serve the deaf community that Austin and/or Bastrop County areas are trying to meet their needs? How may I assist the deaf community?

I do certainly do appreciate your taking the time to read my letter and resume and for replying to my inquiries, Deaf Network.com readers!

Have a great week, everyone!

Please email me at [email protected]

Thank you,

Laurenda (White MacWilliams) Kurosz

Download Laurenda’s resume (PDF format)


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