H.A.D. Back to School event & Meeting – Houston

H.A.D. Back to School event & Meeting – Houston

H.A.D. Back to School- August (For meeting, see below)

DATE: August 9, 2014

TIME: 6:00PM- 1:00AM

11950 Perry Road
Houston, Texas

Houston Association of the Deaf is hosting at the Doc’s Bar.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME: Including the Interpreters, ITP (Interpreter Training program) students and CODA.

Free Food given away by DOC’S!!

Admission: $2.00 member & $4.00 nonmember – 21 years old or up!

Door Prizes at 10 pm, Poker, Pool, Aces, and Darts.

Come and support our Deaf Houston Community. In addition, please like HAD’s Facebook page to keep up with the events and much more…

Visit at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Houston-Association-of-the-Deaf/653315808018648

See you all on August 9, 2014.

Thank you,
Tiffany Scofield
Public Relations for H.A.D.
Email: [email protected]


Houston Association of the Deaf, Inc.

DATE: September 20, 2014
TIME: 1:00 PM

1475 West Gray Street
Houston, Texas 77019

WEBSITE: http://www.houstondeafclub.org

Houston Association of the Deaf, Inc. is the oldest deaf organization in Houston. Founded in 1943 and has been around for many years. H.A.D. went quiet in 2008, and now has been revived in 2013. Bringing the Deaf Community back to you.

About 45,000-60,000 Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people live in the Greater Houston. Houston Association of the Deaf, Inc. would love to see the old and new Deaf Houston people hook up and make the community strong again and not so separated. We should value our community because we share the same language, culture, history, traditions and social beliefs.

We invite you to attend our H.A.D meeting and let your voices be HEARD! We need NEW officers!!!! Nominations will begin in September and voted in November. Come on people it is hard work, but it is our community!! Let’s get it back running strong like our last generations 65 years!! We need our young generation FOR OFFICE!

We are currently seeking young generation FOR OFFICE! Please keep that important date on your calendar: Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 1pm at Metropolitan Multi-Service Center, 1475 West Gray Street, Houston Texas 77019.

If you need more info then please go to our website http://www.houstondeafclub.org. Please pardon our website as it is slightly under the construction.

You also can check out our Facebook page at and while you are at; please like the page



Join and sign up $10.00 flat fee for renewing membership or new membership

FOR EVERYONE: Senior Citizen, General, Couple, Married and Students. Interpreter and Interpreter Training Program students also welcome!

Please mail your check or money order
Houston Association of the Deaf
P. O. Box 2746
Cypress, Texas 77410-2746

Please include your full name and mailing address so we can send you a membership card. You can also come to any event or meeting and join the membership at place in person.

Thank you,
Tiffany Scofield
Public Relations for H.A.D.
Email: [email protected]

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