TCL Vibe Travel Clock Review by Grant Laird Jr.

grant and tcl vibe clock
TCL Vibe Travel Clock Review by Grant Laird Jr.

September 17, 2014

Last month, one of the employees who work in PR at Harris Communications contacted me to see if I would be interested doing reviews on the upcoming new traveling clock. I told her I will be more than happy to do it for them by posting my review on Deaf Network website. I do not charge it for reviewing or keep the product after the review.

Currently, my wife and I purchased two Ameriphone (Clarity brand) alarm clocks from Harris Communications about 5 years ago. We are happy with it. It has everything we need, plus Katie can hear the alarm sound even she doesn’t wear hearing aids at bedtime. She used vibration as well. For me, a flashing light will do fine.

Let’s talk about a new product called a TCL Vibe clock. With this newest traveling alarm clock, it is a very industrial & geek clock which comes with:

* TCL Vibe clock
* 3 AAA batteries
* 1 wristband with fastener and Velcro
* 1 rechargeable wireless vibration unit
* 1 mini-USB to USB charging cable (3-feet)
* 1 travel pouch
* Quick manual & User manual (plenty pictures!)

The set-up is pretty easy, the instructions along with the pictures are clear. I love the bright orange LED on it, however it will stay on for 30 seconds or longer as long as you are pressing the buttons. You can still see the LED (amber backlit) without light, but not in the dark. It was probably designed this way to conserve the battery life. The wireless vibration is a little bit tricky, but I got it set up correctly the first time. The whole process for wireless vibration and audio is relatively easy.

I used the wristband with wireless vibration when I go sleep. It is almost like you left your watch on overnight. The vibration is pretty strong when it “beeps” on your wrist for five minutes (on and off) unless you press on the vibration button itself to snooze. Otherwise, you need to press a button on the clock itself to stop alarm completely. My favorite part about this clock is the temperature on it, I’ve never seen like that on any clock in my lifetime.


1. Nearly 3-inch cube & portable clock – perfect for traveling
2. Temperature reading built-in
3. Cordless clock & wireless vibration unit (how cool is that)
4. Dual alarm on both vibration and audio
5. Beautiful Amber backlit display & easy to use buttons


1. Wireless vibration need to charge regularly with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer as long as they have USB connection. You need a mini-USB to connect – Most of newer product primarily have micro-USB! (Make sure you charge it fully before travel)
2. The wristband can be uncomfortable for the first few days
3. The LED light can stay on for a brief time (backlit)
4. The audio seems not as loud as table alarm clock
5. Doesn’t come with a wall plug.

Note: You can always buy a little USB charger plug (with or without cable) for wall outlet for 3-5 bucks. (Walmart, Ebay, etc)

Order the TCL Vibe™ at Harris Communications for only $49.95.

To see the TCL Vibe™, go to or contact us at mailto:[email protected]

Any questions or comments, please contact me at [email protected]

A disclaimer: Deaf Network / Grant Laird, Jr has a relationship with Harris Communications for its paid advertising weekly. This product review reflects my own opinion and is completely honest.

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