19th Annual Conference in Frisco, TX


October 1 – 3, 2014. at Embassy Suites Hotel 

Join us for an Amazing Conference and Learning Opportunity!
National, State & Local Leaders!
43 Breakout Sessions!
50 Talented Speakers!

CEU’s for Counseling Professionals!
Providers and Interpreters!

On Wednesday, RSA Commissioner Janet LaBreck highlights emerging strategies for increasing employment outcomes. DARS Directors, Scott McCune, Juanita Barker & Tammy Martin share updates on critical actions for the coming year. Keynote Speaker Michael Aronin delivers a fun, energetic kickoff. He is a former vocational rehabilitation counselor and is now a nationally renowned comedian, raconteur and motivational speaker. He’s got a killer sense of humor, and he’s got cerebral palsy.

Breakout Sessions start right away and continue all day on Thursday. Sessions cover a huge spectrum of topics including: Assistive Technology, Placement Strategies for Offenders, Ethics, Purchasing Fundamentals, Labor Trends, Substance Abuse Issues, Long Term Supports, Social Security Work Incentives, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Employer Perspectives, Counseling & Guidance, and Insight into Our Own Barriers. Timely disability specific topics address serving consumers with Traumatic Brain Injuries, Amputees, Diabetics, Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Mental Health, Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

On Friday, DARS Commissioner Durden provides a vision of public VR in Texas through 2015. National Rehabilitation Association’s Frederic Schroeder and Patricia Leahy share strategies for shaping the way VR will operate under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act passed just a few months ago. The Conference wraps up with “Fearless Living” from Erica Davis who talks with the heart of her adventurous spirit and describes her difficult yet ultimately successful climb and moment she conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro as the first paraplegic woman to reach the 19,000 foot summit. Her message is clear: We can climb any mountain internally or externally if we have the right attitude, team, and vision to succeed.
“I want all people to know they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.”
– Erica Davis

TRAN’s mission:
The mission of Texas RehabACTion Network “TRAN” is to advance the Public Vocational Rehabilitation “VR” program assuring effective service delivery for persons with disabilities.

The vision of the Texas RehabACTion Network is to support its membership by promoting the public vocational rehabilitation’s ability to provide employment services to persons with disabilities and disability related solutions to the business community.

VR Return on Investment:
For 85 years, the Public VR Program has been the foundation of America’s commitment toward helping people with disabilities overcome barriers to employment and attain economic independence. VR is the major service system confronting the growing crisis of unemployment and dependence for 49 million Americans with disabilities.

Money invested in the Public VR Program is money invested in the future of America. Throughout the decades, Public VR has more than paid for itself by helping persons with disabilities become taxpayers and fill both the federal and state treasuries. In a given year, graduates of the VR Program in the working world pay up to $1 billion in taxes of various kinds.

Nationally, those individuals who received help from the VR Program and went to work will pay back the cost of their rehabilitation services, through taxes, in just 2-4 years and benefit the combined federal and state tax treasuries by $2-4 in revenues for every VR dollar spent over subsequent years of work.



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