Bromberg & Associates VRI service

Bromberg & AssociatesBromberg & Associates VRI service

Have you ever gone to the hospital, a court, a counseling appointment or a medical appointment and found that there is no ASL interpreter there? Sometimes this is because of a cancellation or misunderstanding; and sometimes they forgot to request an ASL interpreter. Often times, deaf people have arrived at their appointment to find out that the “interpreter” is not certified or qualified, and should not have taken the job. If there is a medical or personal emergency, or if a court matter needs to be handled right away, no one likes to be told “We will reschedule you”! What can you do and how can doctors, hospitals, courts and other offices be ready for your appointment, even if no ASL interpreter can be there?

Bromberg VI Interpreting is making a difference in Texas and all over the US! You may have used “VRI” interpreters before, and common complaints are: the screen is too small; the lighting is bad and you cannot see the interpreter; the hearing person (doctor, lawyer, counselor, etc.) sits too far away from the screenwith Bromberg’s long history of customer satisfaction, these issues are addressed through extensive training and demonstration to customers before the VI interpreters are used.

How does it work? Customers (courts, doctors, medical clinics, counseling offices, police, etc.) contact Bromberg or a representative to set-up an account for VI services. Bromberg provides the software for computers free of charge. Representatives will provide training for how to request interpreters, how to set-up the computer screen/interpreter/lighting, and explain where the deaf person and hearing person should sit for best communication. There is practice before the real interpreting job to make sure all is clear.

Bromberg was founded and is managed by a Court certified interpreter who understands the need for quality on demand. Because VI interpreting does not require driving, finding a parking space or cancelling for a sick day; Bromberg can meet 98% of all requests for ASL interpreters. Satisfied deaf consumers have praised the skill of Bromberg VI interpreters, and also commented that “I felt that my appointment was more confidential and private.” and “I don’t know that the interpreter and will never see her/him at church, at school or in the community.”

For deaf consumers: please tell your doctor, the court, the hospital or other professional office to contact Mary at (361) 356-4811, (361) 728-0091 (text) or [email protected] to discuss Bromberg ASL VI services. For certified ASL interpreters, who are interested in working with Bromberg from the comfort of your home, contact Robin at (210) 380-6460 or [email protected] or [email protected]

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